With decades of experience, Integrity is our key foundation at ECO Modern Homes. Being a Third-generation family of builders and subdivision developers, we strive to be set apart from the rest. ECO Modern Homes is a Third-generation licensed Contractor, who believes in the construction quality and economy of building energy-efficient modular homes.
Not only do we build Modular homes, but we live in them too. We fell in love w/ the ability to create a strong, structurally sound home @ such a price & time-efficient manner.
This is your home & our main priority is personal attention to your needs. Let us help open the doors to a beautiful life just waiting for you. With a seasoned team and knowledgeable professionals, we’ll show you how affordable & easy this process can be. We manage the entire build process from start to finish, so you can focus on what’s important to you.
Living in Eastern North Carolina, we live in a flood and hurricane zone. We’ve built most of our homes on elevated foundations, as well as a standard foundation.
The ECO Modern Homes family has been in the home construction industry for over 60 years and worked with many high-quality manufacturers. This long-term experience has given us the unique advantage to choose from elite modular manufacturers with proven records of quality and integrity.
What we look for in a manufacturer are the same principles our customers demand. Solid construction, stylized living comfort, and a team you can count on. There are over 100+ different homes & floor plans to choose from. However, if you’re still not 100% satisfied, we are also able to customize from other manufacturers or site-built floor plans @ your request.
When you choose a modular experience, as a general practice, most homes are based on a standard price of around 20% to 30% cheaper than a stick-built home per square foot of total finished construction. This does not compromise the structural integrity of your home but saves you at the bank.
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